Thursday, June 25, 2015


Welcome to another post from MrRyanDaniels, it's a beautiful today, but when isn't it a beautiful day, don't you agree? Although I slept in past the first and second alarm clock this morning I'm still going to make the most out of my day. I have a couple projects in mind, don't you? Would you rather get some coffee or make some breakfast before you start them? Now that seems like a good idea but I venture against it, start working first thing when you wake up, food and drink could set you off course. Especially if you sit down and start to relax, that is fun to do, it might make you not want to get up off the couch for sometime. Even though that is fun and enjoyable it isn't always the right thing to do, a donut tastes good but the flavor-less whole grain cereal is probably better for you! Just remember to make the right choices today, and every day!

Until next time

Yours truly, MrRyanDaniels

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